Liberty Cove Mudroom

Winter weather has arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. With rain, snow, and ice being a staple for the next couple of months, keeping your home clean can be a challenge. However, stopping the footprints and other gunk can be as easy as a well-organized mudroom. Here are a few tips on keeping your mudroom organized and ready for winter traffic.


The biggest problem in wintertime is boots and shoes tracking in snow, ice, and mud and leaving dirty, wet footprints in their wake. The first focus of any mudroom plan should be on eliminating as much snow and ice from footwear as possible and corralling it to prevent tracking. Start with two sturdy rugs – one outside and one inside – that can handle the wear and tear of winter. You might want to consider purchasing heavy-duty mats just for the winter season.

Second, corralling boots and other shoes in the mudroom is a must to prevent tracking dirt to other parts of the house. A boot rack is your new best friend for winter because it is built not just for boots and shoe storage but designed in a way to allow for effective drying.


As is the case in many other parts of the house, storage is a key aspect of any well-organized mudroom. Start with hooks for coats like you see here in this Liberty Cove at Day Ranch model home. Hooks will keep wet outerwear from the rest of the house, and the open airflow helps in the drying process. Next, storage bins or a hamper where family members can throw wet gloves, scarves, hats, and socks are a must in the winter. Storage bins with access to free flowing air and heat are recommended so items can dry. Wicker baskets or even milk crates are good options.


Everyone knows cleaning is much easier when it’s done regularly. Keeping a broom, mop, and cleaning supplies in the mudroom or nearby will keep cleaning top of mind and make it easier to do it consistently. That makes for better overall results and help prevent any potential damage to floors.


The key to any good mudroom organization is having a place for everything. Investing in additional accessories to help keep clutter at a minimum and leave no question of where things belong is a great idea. An umbrella stand is a great option during wet weather to avoid pooling of water and keep things clean. Don’t want to buy an umbrella stand specifically? A wastebasket could also do the trick (you could even get creative and paint it or use wallpaper or contact paper on the sides for a fun accent to the room).

A drying rack is also a great option for the winter months to avoid damp clothes from just sitting in storage bins for long periods of time, preventing musty smells and other potential problems.