One of the new hot trends in home design is painting your front door. And for good reason. Painting your front door is a quick, easy way to update your home and add curb appeal. But what color should you paint it? And how can you get the best results? Here are a few tips and tricks for painting your front door.

Choosing A Color

What color should you choose? The good news is there’s really no wrong answer here – select a color you like. Better Homes & Gardens reminds that painting a door is a much smaller commitment than painting an entire room, so it’s a great place to experiment and try something bold. If there is a color you really like, give it a try. A bright color like orange, yellow, or lime green can really make an impact. Not quite ready to go that bold? Try a darker hue like burgundy, forest green, or eggplant. Or choose a neutral color. Navy blue and deep reds are considered neutrals in addition to the traditional blacks, browns, whites, and grays.

No matter what color you are considering, make sure you select the color outside, not inside your home. Colors look different in different lighting situations, so the artificial light inside will make a color look different than the natural light outdoors. Also, the color will look different at different times of day as light changes. You should tape a paint swatch (or swatches) to the door and check the color throughout the day. This will give you an idea of how it will look in different light.

Don’t Forget The Trim

It’s a good idea to also paint the trim while painting your front door both to freshen it up and to make the door pop. While you can paint the trim the same color as the door, to make the door really pop choose a different, contrasting color. If your siding or stone is dark, consider white or another light color. For light siding or stone, a dark color, such as a deep brown, is a great idea.

Buy The Right Paint

Your door will be exposed to the elements, so you need to buy the right paint to prevent peeling and fading. Before painting, use a exterior primer first, then use a latex exterior paint, which provides weather-resistant coverage. If your door is metal, look for one that has rust protection built in. Exterior paint comes in a variety of finishes ranging from matte to high gloss. Just be aware that a high gloss paint will show more flaws.

Painting Tips

When it comes to actually painting your door, it is best to remove it from the hinges to paint it and remove hardware, weather stripping, and anything else on the door. For the best results, be sure to do the following:

  • Wash the door first: Dirt and grime on a surface can cause paint to not stick, so be sure to clean BEFORE doing any painting. You can use dishwashing liquid and water – just be sure to rinse with water after to remove all soap residue.
  • Fill holes and sand the entire door: Use spackling paste or wood filler to fill in any dents or holes to get the best overall results. After the primer and filler dry, completely sand the door and wipe off any dust.
  • Prime the door: Apply primer over your cleaned and sanded door to give you a good canvas to apply your paint.
  • Start with detail areas: If you have trim, cutouts, windows, or other details on your door, start painting there, using an angled brush.
  • Use a foam roller for the rest of the door: Once you have painted the detail areas, use a foam roller to apply paint to the rest of the door. A foam roller will help avoid brushstrokes showing on your finished door.
  • Give it plenty of time to dry: Wait about four hours – or until the paint is dry to the touch – then apply another coat to give a good, solid finish.
  • Hang the door back up: After letting the door fully dry (typically another three to four hours), rehang the door. It is best to get another person to help to get a good, straight door hang.

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