Touring a model home is a great place to start when venturing on your home buying or home building journey, creating the unique opportunity for you to visualize yourself in the home and inspect the builder’s work firsthand. Sleek and inviting model homes can provide a creative outlet to captivate your imagination and tap into your personal design preference.

Be sure to pay attention to the nitty-gritty of the home in order to allow you to accurately understand and set expectations for what you want in your own home. Here are a few pointers when examining a model home.


Floor Plans

The floor plan is one of the most important things that should interest you in a model home. Take a stroll through the home and imagine yourself living there and walking through the floor plan every day. Think about what you would/wouldn’t change in order to better fit your needs.


The Amount of Space Available

More often than not, the square footage of the model will be disclosed to you prior to taking part in the model home tour, but numbers on a piece of paper can’t give you a sense of how spacious it feels. Similar properties could be of the same size but reveal dramatically distinguishing impressions based on the positioning of windows, the height of ceilings and the decorative aspects presented. It’s in your best interest to pay attention to the feel it exudes.


The Craftsmanship of a Home

Even if you aren’t a builder and don’t have much understanding of new home construction, you can still derive a solid opinion of the craftsmanship based on how everything fits together, the structure and quality of the materials, and how the doors hang. A thoughtfully built, well-constructed house will emit feelings of quality when simply walking through it. Sloppy work depicts a lack of craftsmanship.


The Interior Design

Building a strong house goes beyond Lot and floor plan selection. It entails incorporating personal tastes and developing a warm and comfortable ambiance. Looking at the model home’s design can serve as a creative inspiration for your dream home and help you decide what you like and don’t like for your living spaces.


The Variations Available On the Model

In most cases, there will be variations on the available model you intend on seeing. This could include different garage configurations, less or more rooms, and differing layouts regarding bedroom placement, bathrooms and kitchens. Check out your options and find the one that fits your taste and needs.

At Liberty Homes, we understand the need to buy a quality home surpasses most priorities. Our seasoned team of designers and builders have become accustomed to building superior quality homes based on our uncompromising commitment to excellence. Our homes are truly the homes you envision. Feel free to browse our current communities and floor plans.