With Thanksgiving knocking on our door you are probably running around like the rest of the world picking up last minute items for the big day. One thing that may not be at the top of your list but can make your meal that much better are appetizers. They are a perfect solution to those hungry eyes who are waiting for you to finish up the food so they can eat. Take the pressure off by offering a few delicious appetizers. We have a few listed here for you to try out this Thanksgiving. The best part is they are festive and will make your Thanksgiving table look that much prettier.

Here are some easy and yummy Thanksgiving appetizers for you to try this year:

Turkey platter

It is as simple as crackers, cheese and salami on a platter in the shape of a beautiful Turkey!

Turkey platter appetizer

Image from AlsoThatsIt.blogspot.com


Easy caramel cream cheese apple dip

This apple dip tastes like candy and is most likely the easiest thing on your Thanksgiving menu. Get the recipe HERE.

Easy caramel cream cheese dip recipe

Image from LivingWellSpendLess.com


Bacon wrapped brussel sprouts

Add a quick veggie wrapped in protein to your Thanksgiving menu. Get the recipe HERE.

Bacon wrapped Brussel sprouts appetizer recipe

Image from SavoryTooth.com


Bacon asparagus crescents

You never can have enough bacon. These are asparagus done right! Get the recipe HERE.

Bacon asparagus crescents appetizer recipe

Image from Delish.com


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