Football Shaped FoodThe football game is great. The halftime show is always fun. The commercials are comical and entertaining. But let’s be real: The best part of the Big Game is the food! Still looking for some tasty treats for your party this Sunday? Here are a few that are sure to be a hit with your crowd.

Fried Bacon-Wrapped Smokies

Looking for something simple and delicious? These delicious bite-sized treats are as simple as wrapping bacon around a sausage link and frying them. Check out the recipe here.

Crispy Baked Honey BBQ Wings

Is it really a Big Game party if there isn’t wings? We think not, and these sweet, crispy versions from A Night Owl Blog are a great option. The prep is quick and easy with most of the time making the wings devoted to cooking them. Want to try them yourself? Click here for the recipe.

Homemade Soft Pretzel Bites

These aren’t as quick and easy as the Fried Bacon-Wrapped Smokies, but the end result is well worth the effort. If you’re ready to spend a little time on these delicious bite-sized treats and the cheese dipping sauce, you can find the recipe here.

Pigskin In A Blanket

You’ve heard of Pigs In A Blanket, right? Well., how about this football-themed twist on the classic recipe? The basics are the same – hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls – but it’s then designed in the shape of a football, making it perfect for the big game. Click here for the recipe.

Touchdown Brownies

Your Big Game spread wouldn’t be complete without something sweet! These football-shaped brownies are the perfect fit for your table. And, thanks to starting with a mix, they are pretty easy to make. Check out the recipe here.

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