One of our favorite parts of a new year is finding the new home design trends for the year. Whether you are looking to buy a new home, redecorate your home, renovate your home, or simply love looking at home decor,  home design inspiration for 2018 is certainly on your radar as it is on ours. We have been on the hunt for the latest trends for 2018 and found our top 7 home decor trends for 2018.

Warm wood and neutral cabinets

Kitchen cabinet photo from

Photo from

In kitchens expect to see less of the all white and more rich color. Whether it is cabinets with warm woods like walnut, light natural wood,  or white cabinets paired with another color such as navy, the days of all white cabinets look numbered.

Statement floors and ceilings

Statement floors and statement ceiling photo from Progress Lighting

Photo from Progress

We saw a beautiful statement flooring example while at the International Builder Show in Florida at the beginning of the month in the “New American Home” (built for the show with the latest home technology and design). This along with statement ceilings seem to be on the rise and a nice way to add a rich warmth to your home.

Bold prints and patterns

Floral print chair from

Photo from

Bold prints such as modern floral prints or abstract geometric shapes are among the home decor trends expected for 2018. Such prints are predicted to be found on furniture, wall art, pillows, throws and other decor.

Colors on the rise for 2018

Warm tones photo from

Photo from

Warmer tones are making a large impact this year. Expect to see grays paired with warm colors such as camel, tobacco, rust, black and brown or earthy reds and yellows. Jewel tones are also expected to make their debut along side the classic black and white.

Mixed metal accents

Copper metal decor photo from

Photo from

We have found both matte copper and brass metals on the rise all the more in 2018. We discovered these metals used on lighting, small home decor items, hardware, and plumbing fixtures.

2018 Furniture trend: curved sofas

Curved sofa photo from

Photo from

Expect to see smooth and modern curved sofas on the rise in 2018 along with other shapely furniture.

Velvet upholstery

Velvet chair photo from Neiman Marcus

Photo from

Popular in dresses and clothing apparel in 2017, velvet is expected to make its way into upholstery more in 2018.